Monday, March 4, 2013

Snow Mondays - Arghh


Sorry for the slightly late Monday post.  Let's just say my brain is a little snowy :)

What a weekend!!  A fantastic Stampin Up event on Saturday, followed by a Canuck win against the LA Kings, and then Kids camp on Sunday and date night at the Canuck/Flames game (thanks Monica) and a loss :(  It was great fun but would have been much better to end on a win. Oh well.

Here are a few snapshot of the Regional meeting on Saturday. What do you take pics of at Stampin Up events??  Well, your great friends and the food of course.

Look at my fabulous team and great guests that joined us at the Regionals.  There were 27 of us in total (but some were taking pics of the awesome display boards.)
I made these treat boxes for everyone on that attended guests and downline.  Inside were cookies made with the cookie stamps, Kit Kat, Smarties, chocolate easter eggs and some mints, plus a little 3x3 card. 

Here is the box full of goodies :)  Sitting through a day of presentations can make you a little sleepy so sugar is a great pick me up! 
Woo Hoo!  Congrats Kim!  3 people in my group won!  Congratss to Amy and Maria as well!  (I didn't get a pic of them because they were sitting across the room).

Fantastic swaps and more to share later this week!
What are these ladies all lining up for??

She seems really excited there in the front row :)
Yep, you guessed it!!  The best and yummiest chocolate cupcakes.  They were SOOOO GOOD. Consensus was that the icing super good!

My table enjoying their cupcakes and bonus make n' take projects.

These ladies too love cupcakes.
And I love the smiling faces as they create some great Make n' takes!!
 Thanks for checking in!  I'll have less of a snowy brain once I get the driveway shovelled :)


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