Monday, June 10, 2013

A family who stamps together . . .

is MY FAMILY!  Okay, we may not all stamp but they definitely work hard in my stamping business.

You would NOT believe the amount of work Pete, Andrew and Nathan (and my sister Stephanie) did this past weekend.  If you attended the garage sale you know that they were put to their paces!!  Plus a HUGE thanks to Deborah and Danielle who helped with questions, baskets and organizing everything!!  THANK YOU!!!

Also thanks for your patience as you waited in line to pay for your new goodies and I hope you are happy with your purchases.

Here are some photos of organizing the stamps the night before.

And the loads of goodies I had to sell!  Over 400 items of my own stuff!  Many of you know I had 5 boxes of stamps to sell and now I'm down to 2 - Woo hoo!!!!  Pete is happy too!  That's what counts isn't it!

Congrats to Brenda L for winning the door prize of a $25 gift certificate towards new products!  

And tomorrow I can get somewhat back to normal and stamp!
PS Last chance to sign up and join My Paper Pumpkin in July so check it out here!



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