Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I . . . think . . . I'm . . . ready

Hey there

Yesterday I was skipping around the house with excitement after each email, phone call or text I received to sign up for this last minute fundraiser I'm trying to pull together.  I hope I have all my bases covered but we'll only know until I try it once!

A couple of things I learned:

1) Andrew does not like crafts (I already knew this but he reminded me several times today), but he is VERY good at math and helped me figure out how many pinwheels and flowers I had to prep.  LOTS!

2) Nathan is VERY good and fast at making pinwheels (much faster than he is at eating).  I had to help with the brad part but in terms of forming them - he's the best!

3) I have the best friends and customers EVER!  Thank you for all the offers of help to prepare, bake and much more for this fundraiser.  Thanks to everyone who shared this event on facebook and emailed it to friends and of course signed up and brought your kids.  You are all so generous!

Here are a couple of pics of the kids and I getting ready for today!

 I hope to have more pictures to share tomorrow.


PS If you are able to, check out this link to donate to the Alberta Flood Fund.


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