Monday, June 24, 2013

Alberta Flood Fundraiser - At the Copperfield Community Center!!!

Here is the email I just sent out to my customers.  Please take a moment to consider joining in the fundraising effort.

This past weekend has been quite surreal and if you are like myself in an area that has not been directly impacted by the flooding, the feeling of helplessness and almost guilt has been washing over me.  When the announcement came for volunteers (people over 18, obviously), it made me feel even more helpless as those of us with kids at home are still wanting to help out but are unable to.  Plus, the news of no school for the next few days puts us parents in the mode of "activity director" sooner than we anticipated. 

So this morning I came up with one small thing I (and the kids) could do to help out!

The cards will take about 30 min and I'll be starting the classes on the hour between 10 and 3pm.  Hope you can join me!

UPDATE - I have just received word that Copperfield Community Center has donated their upstairs room from 10-3pm.  All kids and adults welcome!!!  Bring a friend!!!  Please register so I can prep the right number of kits!

  Come stamp 2 cards with your school aged student (5 and up).  Make a card for a neighbour, teacher or volunteer and donate at the same time!

Date - Wed, June 26
Time - 10 am - 3pm, start times on the hour
Cost - $10 for 2 cards and ALL dollars received will go to Alberta Floods Fund
administered by the Canadian Red Cross.

Please contact me at pkburns or 403-201-1036 to register. 


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