Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Daylight Savings day!

I hope you all enjoyed that extra hour of sleep - I know I did!

Yesterday's craft fair was an interesting experience.  While it wasn't a "barn buster" it was fun and I learned a few tips that I will take to my next craft fair.  I met a few new papercrafter's that live right here in Copperfield and neighbouring communities so I hope to see some of you soon at a class or workshop.

It was nice to see some familiar faces (Hi Shelley, Angela and Patti), thanks for stopping by.  

I just had to share the "snow" I added to my house.  Thanks Nicole and Allison for the comments about MORE SNOW!  I know I'll be regretting my choice on Monday if it snows for real.  I saw this post on Jenn Picard's blog and it reminded me of this technique for making icicles.  I have tried it before but it's been a while.  Note:  Use lots of Crystal Effects in a nice thick layer.  If you use a thin layer it is much harder to get it off the wax paper.  

Just Dazzling Diamonds and a 2 Way glue pen.
Hope you have a great Sunday :)


PS Make sure you check your clocks - Remember to FALL back! 

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  1. When Zoe and I were at your place today she saw the house and can't wait to make one. I'll have to get instructions for the roof because you did a fabulous job on it (as always). See you Wednesday.