Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I have joined Twitter and Facebook - CRAZY!

It's ground breaking! At least for me it is! Today my friend, Erin, came to help me enter in the 21st century!

I am learning what it is like to have friends, to tweet, retweet and liking too. Who knew?? I can hear you all laughing at me :)

So slowly over the next few days I'll figure things out and work my tweets, posts to my blog and Facebook whatchamacallits (not sure what you call them) into my days. Who needs sleep!

I have gathered up my list of people who commented or joined me as a follower and chosen a winner for these Christmas cards.

(drum roll . . . . .)  The winner is Tracy G.   Congrats Tracy!!!

Keep checking back as I will have the details and info on my Owl class coming up.


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