Thursday, July 28, 2011

Best (and cutest) Convention swap ever!

This post is a little bit of bragging (and a little long) but I HAVE to share with you the cutest swap I have EVER and will ever receive.

During the Alaska cruise my table mates and I were lucky enough to have Lynne Ward from Stampin Up's Board of Directors join us for dinner.  We chatted about her appointment to the board, her experience with stamping and her experiences on the cruise.  She also asked us about our experience with Stampin UP, how much time we dedicate to Stampin (I told her 40+ hours easily) and what can Stampin UP do for us as demonstrators.  

Lynne, me and Debra Washburn - both board members

Here is a photo of us later on in the cruise.  Lynne said she was going to be at Convention and would "try" to create something to swap so I told her that I would be making a swaps and I would save one for her. 

Fast forward to Convention and to my word I went looking for her during the Opening General session.  I found Lynne and we chatted for a short while and I told her I had a swap for her.  She said that she was glad I went looking for her and she said she had something for me - I was on her list.   She gets a bag from under her chair and she told me to peek in the bag and not let too many other ladies see.  I reach in a grab one of these.

Isn't he the cutest bear ever made from the Candy Cane fabric.  He has bitty buttons on his tummy, brads for his eyes and a seam binding ribbon tie.  When I brought this bear to show my roomies, Robin said she saw something like this on Shelli's blog.  Here is the original post.

GASP!  I got one of THE BEARS!!  Now I'm really over the moon with this treat.  I went back again on the last day of Convention to thank Lynne again for this sweet treat but sadly I couldn't find her. But I did see Debra (the other board member in the photo) and chatted with her for a bit.

Here are the directions for the bears from Shelli's blog.

Several more of these bears were on display.  They are so sweet in ANY fabric.

Thanks for letting me share my special swap.  


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