Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's all about the shoes!

This morning came WAY too early. I think I know what it feels like when an elephant sits on your head.

I'm only going to show you a couple of pics from the main stage presentations.

Yesterday Shalae (Shelli's daughter) and Shelli presented on main stage and the day before Sara (another daughter) presented some new products.  Both of the presentations were hilarious but the one thing I noticed is the Gardner family's obsession with shoes.

This is Sarah.
And here were her shoes.  Aren't they just grand!
Sarah's presentation was all about the different kinds of shoes we have like the "dress to impress", "I'm in a hurry", old comfy favourites and the economical ones and tied this all into her stamping presentation.  Each time she changed her shoes she stamped a different type of card.  It was so funny and so true!

Shelli and Shalae presenting together for the first time. 

And they wore the same shoes today and didn't even know it until they got here.  Like mother like daughter.
 Shelli and Shalae presented different workshop hostess gifts, demonstration cards and make n'take cards.  they also shared a scrapbook project that was truly over the top. Amazing isn't it!

 I took over 400 pictures today of the various displays in the Stampin Up product garden so when I do get some sleep I'll be sharing tons of my trip to Convention with you.

Night night, 

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