Thursday, July 14, 2011

Good morning:)  

Well good early morning here.  I got up early (for some strange reason) after a very good sleep and I'm just waiting for the shower here.  That's what you do when you are rooming with 4 other lovely ladies.

So I thought I'd take a sec and post some more pics of my day yesterday.  I am a VIP for this Convention so that means I get some "perks" while I am here.  How did I get to be a VIP?  For any demo that recruited in the month of April they received VIP status for Convention.  We have a special little comfort room only for VIPS with candy, water and lemonade treats.  Also there is a special display board for us and comfy couches to rest our weary toes.

 On Wednesday we had a special guided home office tour where we saw some behind the scene things like
We got to go BEHIND the rope where the regular tour has to stop.  This is where the computer assigns each one of our orders a certain sized box.  It gets a bar code and becomes your customer or workshop order.

This is the pick line.  The boxes travel along this path and as the box is scanned if it needs anything from this section of the pick line such as card stock, snail etc it is "kicked off" the line and the employee scans it and fill the box with whatever is in her/his section.  There are lights on each product that let them know what to put in. SO cool!

The cool paper packing machine that ensures your orders are cosily packed in the box to avoid breakage along the route.

The finished boxes from the pick line.  This one whizzed by me with stuff in it.

Special room where they make the personalized stamps.  Yep, it smelled like burnt rubber.

Ack it really is true!  We had special access pass to the upper level offices and here is Shelly's office.  It was beautifully decorated  (almost staged like).  Then again if I knew that 180 demonstrators were coming to see my space I'd tidy a little too. 
The cretive ideas room for the SU staff.  Fooseball table, ping pong, comfy chairs, piano and a whole room with white boards on the walls for brainstorming. 

At the end of our whirl wind tour we received a special little gift . . .

signed by Shelli herself.

There were these yummy caramels and a roll of Island Indigo ruffled ribbon.

 I have a few more pics from the tour but it's my time in the shower so by for now and I'll write more later.



  1. wow, looks like you are having so much fun! can't wait to see all your pics/hear all about it!

  2. Great that you qualified for this special perk!