Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The next chapter in the saga . . . (long and a little sad)

What an eventful night last night!  

Life with our robin guests was getting rather uncomfortable but we were getting to the magic two week period when the babies would leave the nest.

Just before we left to go to hockey I looked out the window (after much coaxing to try and get Pete to check out the nest) we saw these hopping around the yard.

 We could spot 2-3 of them hopping around the yard.  They were hopping not flying so I'm guessing they were testing out their legs and wings a bit.  Mom and Dad were zipping around the yard like mad.  I could understand now why they were so protective all day.  The "kids" were probably much easier to watch when they were all contained in the next compared to being spread out around the yard.

So off we went to hockey and I was excited to get more pictures when we got home.

We spotted only one bird in the corner of the yard and it wasn't moving much and there wasn't a parent in sight.  Hmmmm . . .

Kinda blurry as it was taken through our back window.
After getting out the binoculars and checking things would we started seeing the mom and dad flying about but no sight of the other babies.  Then Nathan spotted a BIG bird fly into our yard. It was just a crow but it looked so big compared to all the other birds we've been seeing.  I think you might know where this is going.

Then another crow showed up, mom and dad robin were trying to scare them off but it didn't work.  It was pretty sad but I guess that's the circle of life, right?  I yelled out the window to try and scare it away but it didn't work or at least work in time.

Tonight we are going to check the nest to make sure the robins are gone and then we can have our yard back.  It was an adventure and we have some pics to remember our guests (I'm guessing they left a few presents behind for us as well).

Thanks for "listening" to the robin chapter in our life.

I'll post a new card using fun new goodies tomorrow.


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