Thursday, May 17, 2012

Disney Pillow Gifts Days 1 and 2

As I scoured the 100's of photos we have from Disney I'm not sure how to go about sharing them with you.  There are so many great ones but one of the highlights of an Incentive Trip are the pillow gifts Stampin Up leaves for us each night. (Ok, realistically the staff at the Boardwalk ACTUALLY brought them our room, but it was compliments of SU)

A couple of days ago, I shared with you the awesome personalized Disney Bag.  The bottom is insulated and worked perfectly for keeping the water bottles cool which came in handy when it was 37 - 39 degrees out!  Each morning we would check the weather and at 6am it was often 21-23 but 31 degrees with humidity.  WOW, especially coming from dry Calgary.

The kids were treated to their first Stampin Up incentive trip and when they saw the bag they wanted to dive right in.  Pete was great because as soon as I saw it I started squealing in delight and Pete yelled out "Don't touch it, until your mom takes a picture of it."  They knew after day one that MOM gets to touch it first and then boys can.

Day 2 - We received these super fancy cups and a sun visor.  

On each of the treats they had a cute tag with a quote from a Disney character.  Attached with some pretty cool fabric (hint hint).

Pete also received a golf shirt with Stampin Up on the sleeve.  Hmm, I wonder if he'll wear it.  He hasn't yet but I'll let you know.

 More Disney pillow gifts tomorrow.

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