Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Robin updates!


Well, it's been almost two weeks now and as I look out on our JUNGLE and WEED filled back lawn I want to get sick!  A little something about me I HATE weeds!  I go out in our front lawn almost every other day and dig out weeds by hand, put them into my bucket and then onto the next one.  It's killing me to see those yellow flowers growing!!!

I headed to the backyard and after I got about 5-6 weeds out the robin flew out from under the deck.  He watched me very carefully and then he flew to a perch on the fence and squawked at me.  I banged on the fence with my garden tool, made myself look larger and the robin did not back down one bit.  He was chirping/squawking so loudly that I had to leave.  Grrr!!! 

I took these last Friday so I know why they are being so protective but GEESH, it's my house!!

I think I counted 5 little heads.

Mom or Dad back with lunch.

My bird helper.
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