Saturday, May 19, 2012

An update from the bird whisperer


 Yesterday I went to check on our guests and I saw the nestlings in the nest but no mom or dad.  Hmmm . . .  I wondered if something happened to them

Nathan was gardening in the backyard (not as punishment, he really likes to dig in the dirt) and he told me he went under the deck and saw the nest, no mommy bird, just the nest. So I quickly went to grab the camera, came back, snuck under the deck and lo and behold, the nest and MOM (or DAD, can't tell).  I snapped two pictures and hightailed it out of there.  

Later that evening I had to do some watering so I had Pete "cover" me with the broom stick and keep watch while I watered the few plants we had planted.  Not to worry.  The mom and dad are both still alive and well.  They didn't attack us (thankfully) but they were on watch.  

I think I'll avoid the backyard this weekend.  If I can that is . . .  Maybe I am a sucker for punishment.


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