Monday, May 14, 2012

More new products!

Well, now I'm officially back from Orlando!  And whew, what a VACATION!  Up until the very last day it was the motto that we adopted from day one of the cruise - WE ARE ON VACATION!  Even when we were packing up to disembark the ship, leaving the Boardwalk/Stampin UP portion of the trip and leaving the last Disney park we were saying WE ARE STILL ON VACATION!

Now we can say WE ARE HOME!  And it's right back at it prepping for classes, making and planning meals (what's with that) and yes, even ball hockey (two games and an 8am game on Sunday prove it).

So now enough of my life (as you will get lots of pics of my trip over the next several weeks).

Here are some more peeks at the great products from the new catalogue.

This is from the International Bazaar product suite so innovative, fresh and colourful.  This was the product suite I found awaiting for me as one of our pillow gifts!  Lucky me! Sorry the pics aren't the greatest, trust me, in real life they were amazing!

Thanks for your patience with my blog and lack of posting.  I'll get back to daily posts starting today.  Or that's the goal.

Have a great day!


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