Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Remember Me! A few snapshots of Disney 2012

Hi everyone

Remember me :)

I'm still here but recovering from a fun and exhausting trip to Disney.  I can not believe all I have to share with you from Florida or from the unbelievable Incentive trip I just had with Stampin UP.  They truly made this trip magical in every way.

Here are a few snapshots of my Disney trip with Stampin UP!  More to come!

Our resort, our home away from home!

My guys on the Boardwalk. It was HOT!  About 35 - 37 those first few days!

This unbelievable personalized bag was my first pillow gift!
And it was filled with THIS!
Each day I got to go to the Hospitality Desk

where the kids or I would spin the wheel to get prizes like ribbons, embellishments, paper and more!
PLUS jars and bowls FILLED with all different kinds of candy EVERYDAY!  Neat ones too that we don't have in Canada.  And not just one or two jars try about 10++

And kids prizes each day too.  On the first day they were picking Disney pins and other days were stickers and pencils and of course MORE CANDY!
 Stampin UP!  You are awesome!  More to come once I am caught up from this trip!  And the creative samples I can share are WOWZERS!


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