Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thoughts from the bird whisper (long but humorous)

Okay an interesting title to start this post but bear with me.

A couple of nights ago after doing a bit of yard work Pete came in announcing that we have a bit of a problem.  Apparently while he was mowing the backyard he was "attacked" by a bird.  He was walking close to our deck (we have an upper and lower deck) and a robin swooped in close to his head and began chirping loudly.  
The culprit
  As he looked around he noticed that we have a rather large nest underneath our deck.

This was taken on super zoom from across the yard.  Not getting too close to it!
 Upon further investigation, (looking through the spaces of the decking) there is indeed a birds nest with one blue robin egg and at least one nestling.  We scoured online about what to do with a nest (since we can't go outside without being attacked) but according the the Migratory Bird Treat Act (yes, there is such a thing) you can't remove a robins nest with babies or eggs in it.  SO, for the next couple of weeks the Burns' family will have guests.  

Why am I the bird whisper??  Well, today I REALLY wanted to go out and see if the eggs were still there (they look all bare and squirmy like when I squint through the 5mm space to see them).  Well, today was my turn to be "attacked".  I took these photos, as I was dying to blog about it today and as I was going into the house the daddy or mommy robin took a "fly by me".   TOTALLY freaked me out!  I came running into the house and texted Pete right away.  See, I was kinda mean and was laughing about his experience on Monday night and now it happened to me.  It was his turn to laugh at me and thought I was NUTS for going outside in the first place.   

Pete - U know they came at me twice last night, right?
Kristine - Thought they'd like me better.  I wanted to see the babies again.
P - Go ahead
K - Guess sending you out to get a pic tonight is out of the question?
P - Nice work, bird whisperer

So alas, no picture of the nest but Nathan was brave enough to go out with the camera and walk onto the deck.  I was 'covering for him' which meant I was at the door ready to run inside if I spotted any.  Oh yeah, and to warn him if I saw any robins around.   Andrew was smart - he stayed inside and watched from the screened window saying "Nathan, are you nuts?!?!"

We had fun talking about maybe sporting the goalie mask and full pads (blocker, glove and all) and trying it but that's a BIG maybe!  Maybe a full length coat and ski pants too.

Well, no word of a lie you will NOT believe the card I began creating BEFORE I knew about the robins.  

With a matching envelope created with the Diagonal Scoring plate.

A matching bookmark that can be torn from the card by the receiver.  I made the card with two colour choices.

And a fancy inside too.

 And I also made a birthday pie for Pete.  He likes cake but he LOVES lemon meringue pie. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading this REALLY long post.


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  1. Bird Whisperer...AWESOME!!! The boys were looking out our dining room window the other day and came running to me screaming that we have a parrot in our yard. In disbelief, I went to take a look and turns out it's 2 robins...clearly we need to do lessons on bird identification at my house!!! No dive bombing though, so I'm assuming we have no nests at our house!