Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Convention product suite boards - Birds of a Feather and International Bazaar

Man, how did it get to be mid August already!!  This summer is flying by.

We had a fantastic long weekend of nothing (well, family time and Olympics obsession) and obviously by my lack of posts you can see we've been having fun.

We had a great dinner with friends on Fri night, Sat was a sleep in day (Andrew got up at 11am) and Sunday was Madagascar 3, bowling, a bit of back to school shopping.  Monday we were glued to the soccer match and well, you know how that turned out.  We are soo proud of the womens soccer team and can't wait until tomorrow when we play for bronze.

As I get prepped for next week's BIG retired sale I'll be sharing more Convention product boards.  Take a look at these great samples and jot down your favourites on your wish list.  I sent out over 30 invites to club members and hostesses inviting them to the sneak a peek sale so be sure to watch your mailboxes.  


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