Thursday, August 2, 2012

New tenants at our house

Hi everyone

Happy WET Thursday morning!

I meant to have this post ready to go but I was busy last night with my Betsy Blossom class and forgot - oops.

 I have to share some photos of new tenants we had this week.  First we had robins in the spring and now bunnies in the summer.

Pete discovered this little one by our back fence. He wasn't moving and no sign of mom so we kept an eye on him all day.

I phoned the Wildlife and Rehab center and they said it was natural for the hares to be left alone all day long and the moms return at night. She said if we looked around we may be able to see more and sure enough we did.  

Nathan spotted this one after we walked by the tree about 15 times during the day. He would move a tiny bit every so often to make sure he was in the shade of the tree trunk.

After more searching we found this one by our neighbour's house.  This baby was hidden VERY well but not so comfortable in my opinion.

This was the same one by the fence but much more awake later in the day.  Pete said he must be hungry because his mouth was open.  Too bad he had to wait until dusk when the mommy came back.

That evening we saw mom but we left her alone to feed her babies.  

Then, the sad thing . . . 

We woke up and they were all gone.  We've searched for them every day since Monday but no luck.  I'm guessing they told their mom that they had these PEOPLE spying on them all day so they found a new home.

While I'm the first to be chasing those hares out of our garden (they love eating my tulips), but these babies were just too cute.

Have a great day!


PS I forgot to let you know that WED WOW/Big Shot classes will be continuing in Sept so watch Sept 1st for the new project.

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  1. Hi Kristine - those little guys are so cute! I don't think you need to worry about them being gone - we had baby bunnies in our yard two or three years in a row and it was always like that. We would see them one day only and then they were gone! I think it might just be the way it works. Fun that you got to see them!