Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dude, You're Welcome

At Leadership, Sara (Shelli's daughter) announced a new kit!  Trust me when I say this there was so much laughter in the crowd when it was announced.  We were all in stitches.  

This is a kit designed by a special team from SU made up of mostly guys FOR guys.  Check out this blog post from Stampin Up for the full details.

Here are the contents. 132807 $30.95
I am TOTALLY getting this as I have 3 Dudes in my family or one and 2 Dudes to be :) 

Check out some of the "guy" cards Sara made.  She used the stamps from this kit but added a bit of colour and some embellishment.  Please excuse the quality on some of these photos but it's hard to take them then they are flashed up there on the projection screen.

Contact me if you have a "Dude" in your life that would appreciate this or if you would appreciate getting some handmade cards from them.


Also today is the absolute LAST Day to register for the Everything Owls and More class.  There are spaces available on Sunday, January 27th from 1-4:30.


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