Saturday, January 12, 2013

Disney Trip 2013

Greetings from Orlando and apologies too!  I can honestly say there has not been a second to blog since I arrived in Orlando.  

Since Allison and I arrived last Saturday we have hit the ground RUNNING taking in everything at the Disney parks.  Since I have some Disney World experience (wink, wink) I wanted to show Allison and do everything as humanly possible.  We can say we have done it all, or mostly everything.  

Just arriving at Animal Kingdom.  That's the Tree of Life in the background.  AND yes it was cold that day.  Not Calgary cold but Florida cool.
 I have a few more trip photos to post but that will have to wait until I return to snow land or home :)

Today is our last day of Leaderhip (it went by soo fast) and I have more to share in my next post about an exciting new announcement.



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