Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Convention Make n'Take with Amazing Birthday

 Yesterday was a fun day as I celebrated my birthday.  Confession time  . . . I kinda dislike my birthday but not for the reasons you may think.  I don't care that much about getting older  (I thought I was turning one year older than I am. Thanks to Michele for reminding me of that), but I don't like where it falls on the calendar.  
The end of July signals that the summer is half over , Aug is in a few days and you know what is coming up.  B A C K  T O  S C H O O L!  And as I kid I LOVED back to school because I loved new pens, new markers and new books but as a mom it means lunches, early mornings and not having my kids home to do fun stuff.  It also means you only have one more month to do all the things you planned to do.  So for this year I asked that Pete turn back the clock to July 1st so we could do it all again.  He said "no", but he did get us tickets to Wicked (so excited) and these pretty flowers in the background.  I did try again with my wish so we'll see when I wake up tomorrow what happens.

photo taken by Nathan the photographer
In honour of my 42nd birthday I'm going to share the Amazing Birthday Make n' Takes we did at Convention this year.  I love this set as it's so versatile because you can cut up all the banner stamp in to bits.

Amazing Birthday (w) 134225 $35.95 SALE $30.56 or (c) 134228 $25.95 SALE $22.06

And I love the detail on the note card holder.  This holder will hold 3 decorated cards.

Could you see what the note card holder was made out of?

136662 $7.95 for 10 of them!!
So cool - the new Gift Enclosure Packs are too sweet!

Oh and another funny about my birthday.  My dad called to wish me a happy birthday and he asked me how old - he guessed 46 and then he asked my mom and she said 49!  Good grief!  Guess that's what happens when you are the last of 6 kids!

Have a great day and enjoy the sun!


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