Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Weekly Specials

CRAZY BUSY day yesterday!! 

 I was home all of 20 min between 9:30 and 5pm.  And then to top it off Nathan went outside after dinner to roller blade and he fell on his wrist and couldn't pick up his water bottle, bend it side to side or even squeeze his hand.  Pete offered to take him so I had some reprieve.  

So I GOT nothing creative accomplished or any of my planned work done either.  That's what today is for!

Here are this week's specials.  My order is going in on August 1st so if you'd like to add anything and save on shipping or order from the clearance rack please contact me before the 1st.

Stay cool!  It's going to be a scorcher in Calgary today!

PS For those of you that may be interested here is a video of my brother in law and his progression.  Sooo cool and proud of his progress so far.  There are great things to come I know it!  IIt's the one titled "Biking to Better Health"  You may have to scroll down a bit.


PS It was just a sprain for Nathan - phew!  All I could think about was the biking and golf plans we had for this week.

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