Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Monday!

**  Oops I really set this to post today but unfortunately I set it to post at 11pm.  Ooops!

What a crazy week!  Last week was filled with rehearsals for Convention, practicing and more practicing of my presentation.  ACK I can't believe it's almost time to do it for real!  My kids will be happy when it's over as I made them sit through it once (blank stares and pretend snoring) and then they brought along some friends so I could practice to some faces and not just a blank wall.

My great audience!  No feedback and clapping but no booing either!
 Then there was a bit of Stampeding in there plus an awesome Block party on Saturday rounded out the week so I was a bit busy to post.

Way a great Stampede especially after what was overcome to make this show possible.  

Here are a few pics from our block party as well.  If you haven't had one of these and want to get to know your neighbours I HIGHLY recommend it!  It was so much fun to get to know everyone better and have all the kids come together - about 40 adults and 35 kids had a GREAT TIME! Can't wait until next year!

There was
Face painting

Hula hoops




Food . . .  lots of food!

And even RAIN! We temporarily moved things into garages but it didn't last too long.

and a few adult beverages too!

 Thanks for checking out some of my "other" life photos beyond Stampin UP.  I'll post news of a new class in August and some new cards tomorrow.


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