Tuesday, July 23, 2013

On Stage at Convention 2013


This is a "toot my own horn" post to share with you some pics of my stage presentation!  Thanks Allison for snapping these.  I still can't believe it actually happened just a few short days ago.

 My projects are still in Salt Lake but when they return I hope to have a get together with downline and customers to share all that I did on stage.

Thanks to all of you who helped in my presentation!

My intro photo and I heard a few hockey fans cheering in the crowd when I was introduced.

Walking on stage and getting ready.  My table was dead center!

That's Tom the camera guy and I'm just blabbing.

and more blabbing.

One of my samples on the BIG SCREEN!

And a simple scrapbook for kids! 

Yup, I'm really on stage

If I could do it all over again I would have brought my camera on stage to take a photo of everyone in the crowd.  NO kidding there were thousands watching in the sessions - THOUSANDS!!!   I could see to the very far back!  It was a sea of people!!!  I presented 3 times that day and demos chose which session they wanted to attend (or not).  There were just under 6000 demos at Convention this year so you can do the math!!!!

It was sooo warming and welcoming to see my team at the first presentation, friends from Ontario in the second presentation and more demo friends from Edmonton at the third.  Tons of Canadians cheered, hooted and hollered and it was pretty cool.  Plus demos from Australia, Britain and all across the US
came up to me to congratulate and thank me for presenting my projects and ideas!  Totally surreal!

Thanks Stampin UP for a dream come true!


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