Monday, July 22, 2013

Behind the Scenes at Stampin Up Convention 2013!

Hey there

Thanks for being patient while I had a few non posting days.  I am finally home and Convention has been a BLUR that went far too quickly with very little sleep.

In a nut shell it was FABULOUS!  Of course my highlight of Convention 2013 was presenting on Main Stage and seeing a sea of 1000's of faces (no joke) watching ME on stage and on the HUGE SCREENS but beyond that it was a great time with friends and downline, unbelievable new friends I have met and so much more.

I'll share with you a few pics of behind the scenes on rehearsal day.  I have loads of more pics to share but that will come over the next few days and weeks.

It takes a lot of great people and loads of work to put on a big show like Convention!

Back stage at a quiet time

Setting up my table getting ready for rehearsal

Krista's all set!

And Cherie too!

The lovely green area and no it's not green.

The view from the stage and look at all those seats.

And now that I'm home and it's over I could do it again and again.

I have to wait until I receive some pics from my Convention buddies to send to me but it was a great experience and I would definitely do it again!  

I did not believe Emily when she told me that after I was on stage once I would want to get right back up there  ( I think my words were - Yeah, right!) but it was amazing!!!  I think I'm hooked!

Off to bed and I'll post more tomorrow - maybe all my free stuff!  Leave me a comment what you'd like me to share!


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