Thursday, September 12, 2013

Back to school with Washi!

Weird title, don't you think?

This past weekend Nathan had a homework assignment to cover his text books.  Those babies are pretty expensive and we had to sign our name in blood they would be cared for.  I remember using brown paper bags to cover my university text books (yes, nerdy I know) but then I could always get tons of money back when I re-sold them.  

Here's how you do it.
1) You will need  brown paper bag, scissors and tape - scotch and washi too.

 2) Cut off the bottom of the paper bag so it lays flat.

3) Fold the ends of the paper bag to match the height of the book you want to cover.

4)  Fold the ends of the paper bag to match the size of the book and tuck the cover into the "pocket" you create with the folds.

5) Add tape along the edges to secure the book cover.

6) Now for the best part - DECORATE with WASHI TAPE!!!  Lots of my tape is from Stampin UP but my niece sent me some from Japan too.

7) Or even stamps!!  Nathan used my World Map stamp for his Humanities or Social Studies text book.

  Now go to it! Start covering those text books now!


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