Sunday, September 15, 2013

San Diego day 2

What a fabulous day touring San Diego!

Pete and I slept in and headed to Old Town San Diego with scores of Stampin Up demos. 

There are all these great little shops selling everything from ceramic house numbers to t-shirts, and hot sauces to jewelry.  

My favourite store was this cool Root Beer store. Well it was more than just Root beer there but all kinds of pops from all over the US.

An entire wall of jerky - turkey, venison and even kangaroo??

A whole wall of Root beers

And a bunch of different kinds of sodas
Prickly Pear??  I know I heard about this one on a food network show!

Shirley Temple - I loved drinking these as a kid.

And one of my favourite ones - CHOCOLATE COVERED MAPLE BACON!  Ew but cool at the same time!

 Then we went out to dinner at Dobsons.  Yummy food and our little splurge this trip.

This one is a little dark but this was taken before we left for dinner.

I tried their famous Mussel Bisque en Croute and it was yum.  So creamy and rich  - wow!

 After a super filling dinner we wandered the Gaslamp Quarter and took in all the sights and sounds of San Diego.  This a great city to people watch for sure!!

I can't believe I can say this but I saw a dog driving a Porche. I don't have photographic evidence of this but it was true.  Pete saw it too.  Only in San Diego  . . . 

A stop at this place completed the evening :)

Thanks for checking in.


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