Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hilton Head - Day 1


I thought I'd share a little photo journal of our first day on Hilton Head Island.

We spent the morning driving from Savannah to Hilton Head Island with a pit stop at the outlet malls.  Kim, Richard, Pete and I shopped til we dropped (which isn't hard for me since I'm not really a shopper).  Pete bought more than I did but that was the plan.  Four pairs of shoes, some work out clothes and some presents for the kids and of course TARGET!  Richard (Kim's husband) is now a Target lover like me.  On to the pics . . .

The view from our 5th floor room.

I was contemplating taking an ax to those trees, but they were so beautiful.

The ocean is there through the trees.

Our room for the duration :)

And the lovely balcony!
 Once we unpacked and settled a bit we explored the resort and found the Hospitality Desk.

Stampin Up rented these bikes for us for our time on the island.  No public transportation on Hilton Head.

Aren't they super cute with the cool flag!

I hope we get one of these at the end of the trip!

All Stampin Up events must have CANDY!
 Then we headed to the famous Salty Dog Cafe.  EVERYONE on the island has a shirt from this restaurant!

Shrimp ceasar salad for me.  When I got this I said "Mine all mine"  My kids love shrimp and I always share with them. This time I didn't but I did share with Pete. 

Pete's crab cakes - day 1.  I think these were the best of the bunch.  No kidding, I think he had crab cakes every day while we were gone.

Okay, the real reason why we picked the Salty Dog - Reese's PEANUT BUTTER PIE! 

And in 5 min it was GONE!
 We explored the shops around the Sea Pines area of the island and then headed back to the Westin.  We were in awe of the amazing houses on Hilton Head Island.  I'd take any one of the shacks we saw that night.

 When we returned to the room, just before Pete opened the door I remembered - PILLOW GIFTS!   YIPPEE!!  The Stampin Up fairies delivered this awesome beach bag made by Land's End.  It's soo CUTE!

We slept VERY well after our full day and had to be up early on day 2 to go kayaking.

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  1. Oh Kristine! Thanks for posting these! They are awesome!! Looks like it was fantastic :)