Monday, October 8, 2012

Hilton Head - Day 3

Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend and are enjoying an extra day off.

Tonight is our big dinner and we're having just 10 in total so not too bad.

Here is another photo collage of our great trip to Hilton Head Island.

On Saturday after we slept in a bit (kayaking morning was a little early so Pete requested to have a sleep in morning) we had a fantastic breakfast buffet all provided by Stampin UP.

Decadent smoked salmon in the morning

Eggs, potatoes, sausage and bacon

Yogurt with everything you can imagine to top it off.

Fresh fruit
Assorted breads, bagels, pastries and muffins

 PLUS an omelet station that had the most amazing chef behind those skillets.  She was great morning entertainment as she made 6+ omelets at once. Now that's talent!
 Then we rented bikes and took off down the beach.  It was soo cool and serene biking on the sand.

See my cute Stampin UP flag!

Pete's bike didn't have one.  He wasn't protesting too much.  It was such a smooth ride.

Just one of the many peasant cottages along the beach - NOT!

These horseshoe crabs were everywhere along the beach   This one was just the shell.

Here is one trying to bury itself in the sand.
 After we returned to the resort we hung out by the pool.  After a quick nap pool side, Pete and I shared a quick bite and then we went to find some tennis courts.

Ah, what a life!  This is our lounge chair and our view and proximity to the pool
 There are something like 350 tennis courts on Hilton Head Island but we were going to search for some community courts instead of paying :)  We did find some but there was a wheelchair tournament so we headed back to our resort, paid the fee and played for an hour.  I didn't take pics of that you can picture us playing hard in the 35+ degree heat.  We had a great time and I won our little tie break match 2-1.  

We met up with the Canadian contingent for a lovely dinner at the Carolina Cafe in the resort.  I can't believe I didn't get a pic of everyone at the table but it was Kim, Richard, Allison, her dad, Nolan, Anne, her daughter, Alison and Pete and I.  We had the best night ever with hilarious stories, lots of laughter and an awesome server from Ireland named Kate.  She was fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed our last night in Hilton Head.

One thing I did not forget to take a picture of was our meals.  I love how Pete knows to take a photo before he picks up his fork.

Cobb Salad - deelish

Sliders - 2 Buffalo chicken and one crab cake one so he continued the daily crab cake intake.

Plus for dessert I opted for the dessert buffet which honestly fed the table - strawberry and caramel tarts, petite fours, Snickers Cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse tarts, Blueberry Cheesecake and Bread pudding that was on my second helping. 
 Then to end the night we played a best 2 out of 3 fooseball game (I lost 0-2 and got CREAMED) and headed to the room where we found. . .


Ok, I think Pete and I are a bit jaded as when we saw this haul our first thoughts are always  "How in the heck are we going to get that home?!?!?!"

Inside was paper, a stamp set, ribbons, buttons, twine and inks.  And we got to keep one of the flags!!!!
I hope this wasn't too long and boring (even though I know it was long).  But we had such a great day it was nice to share and re-live it a bit.

Have a great day!



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