Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some quick family shots

This past weekend I took some time off from "work" to spend some time with my family.

Here are a few pics from our trip to Banff.  I CAN NOT believe that we have never stayed there in all of our years living in Calgary.  The scenery was unbelievable, the weather was great (I know hard to believe) and spending time together at the Fudgery, Tony Roma's and at the Hot Springs was priceless.  I can't wait for our next trip.
This was taken just below the Banff Springs Hotel.  We'll stay there next time!

We rode the Gondola on Fri afternoon, I didn't LOVE the heights but the view was amazing once we got up there.

Our mini hike in Johnston's Canyon. Thanks Pete for picking an easy hike for my first one.

The Upper Falls.  Breathtaking.  Maybe next time I'll be brave and we'll go to the Ink Pots.


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