Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Junior High update

Hi :(  I just had to share the feeling I had as I dropped Andrew off to JR HIGH this morning.  He had a "Head Start" day where just the grade 7's went to school today.  They get a tour, find out their home rooms, lockers etc.
I asked him if he wanted me to go in with him and he said "no, I'm okay to go by myself."  So I thought great independence, let him tackle it on his own.  Then he hops out of the van, heads to the building no problem and THEN I see all these parents stopping, getting out and walking their kids to the door.  UGH - pit in my stomach and now feeling like a horrible parent.   

Quick text to Pete and he reassured me he'll be fine and not to worry but then writes, "BTW, does he have his phone?"  ACK!!!  He forgot (and I forgot to remind him) about taking his phone.  That's what happens when you have a whole two months of summer.  Routines, lists and organization are out the window!  NOT good if you know me at all as I THRIVE on ORGANIZATION!

So my quick advice to all the parents out there:
Before the first day of school double check your list and make sure you have everything ready the night before.  Better yet start today because you will forget something.  Nathan's first day is Thursday and hopefully that will be a smoother more relaxed start.


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