Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kids Camps begin in 2 weeks!!! A few spaces left!!

Can you believe school begins next week?!?!?!  Crazy I say!

Andrew has his first day on Tuesday but it's just a half day with all the grade 7's so they can tour the school, lockers (yikes) and walk around the community!!  I can't believe we have a son going off to Junior High!! Breathe, Kristine.

Nathan will be heading into Grade 4 and the highest grade in his school.  We won't have to worry about lockers etc until next year when he hits middle school - thank goodness.  By then maybe the shock will have worn off a bit - maybe.

This week I am going to get busy planning my September club projects which include my two new Kids Clubs - Club Create (7-10 yr old) and Paper Crafter's Workshop (11 and up).  There is ONE spot for Club Create on Sunday mornings 10-12 and a few spots in the Paper Crafter's workshop on either Sat or Sun afternoons 1-3:30.  The clubs run once a month and you register for a 10 month session Sept - June.

Please contact me ASAP if you'd like to register.

During our Kids Clubs we have a fantastic time doing a TON of different projects. The number one question I get is "what do you do during your kids camp?"  So I'll do my best to answer it here.

1) We start with a technique or something new, then create that project.  This year we will be keeping a technique journal.
2) A second project - usually something they can create on their own - card, bookmark, etc.  There is a sample provided so they can copy, but I encourage them to create something of their own.
3) Snack - something small and once a month parents will sign up to bring a snack to share with the group
4) The larger project - This varies from a mini scrapbook, calendar, framed art piece, card box set, baking, and the list goes on.
5) Free stamping time - I have card stock, punches and stamps for the kids to create something on their own. No samples, no limits!

Here are some of projects and creations from last year.  We have a blast!

Crafty bag to hold all of our supplies

Halloween Banner

In Dec we made recipe cards and baked!

Birthday card assortment

More birthday cards

Mother's Day gifts

Decorated canvas boards for their rooms

Don't miss out on all the fun!  Contact me to join Club Create or Paper Crafter's Workshop!  Sorry no moms allowed!


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