Thursday, September 8, 2011

Deck update - Yahoo!!!

Well, I guess from the post title you can figure out the good news!  As I type Pete is finishing up staining the bottom deck.  Yippee!!

I had to share some pictures of our FIVE days of work!!  One of our big regrets is not having a large before pictures but this was the colour of our deck.  It was nice when we first painted it but after one year it was peeling like crazy.

Well now it looks like this!!

 And here is the bottom deck (before it was stained tonight).

 Every square inch of that deck we sanded and it was hard work but boy does it look fabulous now!!  I think Pete is believing it was all worth it at least I think he is.  

Thanks for stopping by and the nice comments yesterday!  Comments like that do make blogging worthwhile. It's nice to know that people are actually reading my drivel. 

Tomorrow I'll be back with a stamping related post.


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