Thursday, September 1, 2011

September WOW projects

**OHHH!!  It's the 9th month and not the 10th month.  I had this to set on October 1st.   Ooops, sorry!

This is one WOW project that I'm super excited to share.  Maybe I say that every month but this one I'm really excited about.  Honestly.

These are three Halloween treat holders OVER THE TOP!!

1) 4 Mini milk cartons and a sweet holder - fill them with jelly beans, smarties or any other small treats.

2) An cute peek a boo box with treats inside (idea from Jackie Topa)

And 3) an extra long candy box that fits a full sized chocolate bar

If you are free on Wed Sept 21st contact me.  Class time is 6-8pm and the cost is $15 or free with a $45 order.  Class maximum is 9.  I anticipate this class filling quickly so don't delay!


PS Look for my Sept newsletter early next week.  I have to get these kids back in school and then I can tackle my to do list.   New classes and clubs, stamping garage sale and of course a code word contest.  If you don't receive my monthly newsletters be sure to email me with your address so you aren't left out.

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  1. Cute projects, my favourite is the matchbox holder.