Friday, September 23, 2011

Running with scissors!!!

ACK!  So much to do and so little time!  Who's bright idea was this to sign up for a craft fair - oh right, mine.

I'm just a little nuts right now but that's because I keep coming up with new things to create for the craft fair!  And now my sister had a great idea to create stockings to put along my table edge so now I'm makin' some stockings! Luckily with this new stocking die it is super easy.

What was I up to today?

I was making some Snowman Kisses.
And some nugget tins.
If you haven't seen these before they hold one dozen Hershey's Nugget chocolates perfectly.

I ordered these tins online and these chocolates are well traveled chocolates.  They are from Salt Lake City :).   I have found nugget chocolates in the bulk section at Safeway but NO WHERE ELSE in South Calgary.  If you see them anywhere else in Calgary, please let me know.  My fingers are crossed that they will have them during the Christmas season.

Off to die cut stockings.  I'll take some pictures of them and post them for tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.


PS In response to which fair I was in and who doesn't include that!  Here are the details.  I'm blaming lack of sleep :)

 Calgary Family Craft and Trade Fair   
Lake Bonavista Community Center
1401 Acadia Drive from 10-4pm.  

Hope to see you there

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  1. Which Craft Fair are you going to attend?